"Beginning with the end in mind" is the idea behind a vegetation management plan (VMP).  Vegetation management is essential to providing safe, high-quality, reliable, and affordable electricity.  Trees are a valuable asset in public, private, and commercial landscapes. They help the environment and add beauty.  Unfortunately, trees can be a major challenge to providing safe, reliable and affordable power.  Trees are one of the major causes of power interruptions.

Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation's VMP was developed to help provide members with the best service possible. 

Our VMP uses high-powered equipment effective for the terrain and tested products that have been properly registered for use with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  All herbicides are applied strictly in accordance with prescribed regulations.

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Why is Vegetation Management important?

We invite you to examine our complete approach to vegetation management by downloading the plan using the form below.  Included within this information is an application for members to request to avoid the use of herbicides on their property.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completing this form does not avoid the use of herbicides on your property. The application for members to request to avoid the use of herbicides, included in this packet, must be returned by mail to the Cooperative in order to avoid the use of herbicides.