What You Don't Know About Surge and Lightning Protection Will Shock You!

Lightning and power surges can strike at any moment and can destroy or cause expensive damage to your sensitive electronics and appliances. Being prepared can make a big difference in protecting your investments.

Lightning is often the cause of power surges, but other factors such as birds, squirrels, and trees interfering with power lines can cause a power surge. Construction work, demand fluctuations in your home, auto accidents involving utility poles, and even disturbances transmitted through telephone and cable lines can have the same effect.

We want to help shield your electronics and appliances with our affordable surge protection program. 

Carroll Electric Cooperative carries a full line of residential and commercial surge protection products, as well as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units for personal computers. From a meter base protector to devices for point-of-use defense, we have a wide range of products to consider.  For more information and prices, call a Member Services Representative (800-432-9720) or stop by your local Carroll Electric office.