According to the Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for up to one-fifth the total electrical consumption in many U.S. households.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights use up to 75 percent less energy than typical incandescent light bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. they come in a variety of applications.
  • Outdoor lighting means peace of mind, prevents accidents, discourages prowlers, and extends a warm welcome to friends. View your options for outdoor lighting, then call 800-432-9720 to request an installation.
  • Spot lighting can save you energy and money. Spot lighting is located close to the area where you're working.
  • Use timers and motion detectors for porch and outdoor lights.
  • Lighting can also boost your mood and health. Exposure to the right kind of light at the right time of day can help boost your concentration and performance.