Increased Public Safety

Carroll Electric will maintain mandated tree to power line clearances within and along power line easements to prevent life-threatening accidents.  These clearances also minimize fire hazards caused by energized power lines touching overgrown vegetation.

A strong vegetation management program, including the use of herbicides, reduces employee working hazards that are inherent to manual vegetation management practices.  The same holds true to reducing damage to public property caused by flying debris from ground mowing machines. 

Always dial 8-1-1 before you dig to avoid coming into contact with underground power lines.  Whether you are planting new flower beds, bushes, trees, or creating a trench for water, gas, or electric lines, call 8-1-1 before digging.

We’re educating our youth about proper power line safety through programs like Fourth Grade Foresters.  This program teaches students how electricity and trees can live together in harmony when protected by the proper distance.