Our Method

Residential Areas | Yards

  • Tree trimming and/or removal is performed by trained professionals, many of whom are certified arborists.  Each situation will be evaluated carefully in accordance with the Cooperative’s Vegetation Management Program.
  • Herbicides are NOT used in manicured areas maintained by the landowner.


Rural Areas

  • Trees and brush are generally cut, mowed or trimmed up to the edge of the easement as prescribed in the Program.  If only mowing continues through the next maintenance cycle, the underlying roots of trees and unwanted brush will actually produce a higher number of stems than were present during the first cycle.  The selective application of regulated herbicides will be applied that decrease the number of stems and ultimately allow natural grasses to flourish.
  • The Science Behind Herbicides
    • The Cooperative commissioned an independent review of its selective use of herbicides from a highly esteemed expert, Dr. John W. Boyd, Visiting Professor, Extension Weed Science, University of Arkansas. 
    • Our Program uses rigorously tested products that have been properly registered for use with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are applied strictly in accordance with prescribed regulations. View Safety Data Sheets for the products being used

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