Planning for Service

Developers who request the installation of an electric distribution system to serve a commercial property should contact Carroll Electric Cooperative as early as possible in their project planning process to obtain and provide the Cooperative’s development standards to engineers or contractors.

Commercial Developments Contact

Brian Wise
1-800-432-9720, Ext. 2694 


To complete an application for Commercial Development, please click here.

What are Carroll Electric’s Standards for Commercial Development?

To view Carroll Electric’s Standards for Commercial Developments, click here.

When should I make application and pay my design deposit?

We recommend making application as early as possible. A good rule of thumb would be to apply at the same time you submit plans to the local planning jurisdiction.

How long does it take Carroll Electric to design my project once I submit an application?

Typically, Carroll Electric will need 45-60 days to prepare a design and cost estimate for a new project.

When will Carroll Electric acquire materials for my project and how long does that take?

Materials will be ordered once the developer has signed an agreement, made the required payments, and submitted their performance bond. Material acquisition typically takes 12-16 weeks (on average).

If you are NOT a developer but are building a single, residential home, refer to our application for service