LED Security Lights

Request a security light and get the peace of mind that comes with an efficient, dependable LED light.

The Cooperative owns, installs, and maintains the light for as long as you rent it. 

  • In most cases, Carroll Electric will install or reconnect a security light on an existing Carroll Electric pole for a low monthly fee, plus an initial connect fee of $50.00. 
  • Shields to provide more directional light are available on residential lights for a small, additional monthly fee, plus an installation fee of $55.00. 
  • Bulbs will be replaced and all repairs made at no charge. 
  • The automatic eye switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn.
Security Lights AvailableLight ChargeWith Shield
Standard Residential $8.92/mo. $9.27
Standard Commercial $13.65/mo. N/A
Standard Industrial



If an existing High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide light needs repair, the Cooperative will install a new LED light in its place.  Monthly rates for the new LED light will be according to existing tariffs on file at the Arkansas Public Service Commission.  The Cooperative is no longer able to obtain replacement parts for HPS, MV or MH lights.

For more information on security lighting, call 800-432-9720.