The mix matters

In today’s world, how the wholesale electricity purchased by the Cooperative is generated is important.  It must be reliable, responsible, and affordable.

Carroll Electric is a “distribution” cooperative that purchases power generation from Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC).  AECC is a “Generation and Transmission” cooperative that owns/controls a broad mix of power generation resources.  Solar, wind, biomass, and hydro-electric make up 18% of AECC’s mix.  This slice of the pie will grow substantially over the next decade.

Over the last decade, wholesale power generation has shifted into RTO (Regional Transmission Organization) markets. AECC participates in both the MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) and SPP (Southwest Power Pool) markets.  These markets operate with government oversight and determine which power generation resources are used based on a competitive bid process.  Prices are based on the supply of and demand for electricity at any given moment.  Because the demand for electricity is continuously shifting, this is extraordinarily complex.  Having a diverse mix of resources available is critical.

As the industry continues to balance the objectives of being reliable, responsible, and affordable, one empowering truth remains.  The cleanest, cheapest kilowatt hour on planet earth is…the one not used.  Carroll Electric continues to offer members tips and personal consultation on how to use electricity more efficiently.