Carroll Electric has prepared its electric system by timely completing system upgrades, balancing loads on substation feeders to the extent possible, and being equipped and available to respond to members’ needs for power.  Even with all this...power outages will sometimes occur.

You can take comfort in knowing we are ready at any time to make house calls in an effort to restore your power.  We have the equipment, the knowledge, and most importantly, professional lineworkers who are committed to the members of Carroll Electric.

To minimize the inconveniences of being without power, it is suggested to keep these on hand in an easily accessibly location:

  • Extra bottled water, at least one gallon per person in the household (An easy way to store large quantities of water is to sanitize your bathtub then fill it up and dip out as needed.)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries, candles, and matches
  • Portable radio with extra batteries
  • Non-perishable foods that don’t require cooking
  • Extra prescription medications/other medical necessities for health issues
  • Portable generator (contact Carroll Electric for proper installation advice)
  • A telephone that does not require AC power or a solar charger for your cell phone
  • Extra baby needs such as diapers, wipes, and formula
  • An alternative place to stay, in the event of an extended outage