Some holiday safety tips as well as general safety:

  • Don't overload circuits with lights or cooking appliances
  • Connect only three or fewer strings of lights
  • Don't run electric cords under rugs
  • Don't leave the kitchen when actively cooking on the stove
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy 
  • Don't leave Christmas lights on when going to bed or leaving your home...use a timer
  • Don't touch an electric switch with wet hands.

  • Never overload outlets with too many plugs.

  • Never plug in an electric cord that is frayed.

  • Outdoors use only electric equipment connected to an approved outdoor circuit or extension cord.

  • Never use water to put out electrical fires.

  • Go indoors during storms.  

  • Stay away from fallen electrical lines.

  • Fly kites in open fields away from electrical lines.

  • Do not throw rocks at utility line insulators or transformers.

  • Keep ladders away from power lines.

  • Do not attach anything to electric power poles. This includes satellite dishes, campaign posters, garage sale signs, basketball goals, etc!

  • If you own a pool or a lakeside dock, be sure to wire these areas according to the National Electric Code. Download this Guide.

  • If you have a generator, read this to be sure you are operating it safely.

Learn more about being safe around electricity by visiting

For other safety advice, please call 800-432-9720.  A Safety Specialist can help answer your questions.