The Automatic Bill Payment Option

Enroll in eDraft Or, print this form and return to Carroll Electric along with a voided check.

Enroll in both eDraft and eBilliing at the same time

Make Changes to Your eDraft  This form is only for changes when eDraft is set up using a bank account.  To change a Credit Card Draft, sign in to myAccount and edit the information there.

To CANCEL eDraft, print this form, complete, and return using the instructions on the form. Any changes to an existing eDraft arrangement (cancel, bank change, account change, etc.) must be received by Carroll Electric at least five (5) days prior to the due date of the bill or the change will not be effective until the next bill.

Over 38,000 members trust this payment option and are taking advantage of its convenience. The program is secure, free, and saving members from late fees, receiving shut-off notices, and the worry of being disconnected.

Here's how it works:

  • Payments are deducted from your bank account on the last day of the pay sooner. This gives you the advantage of utilizing your money until the bill becomes due.
  • You continue to receive a copy of your bill each month to review. If you are on eBilling, you receive an email stating your new bill is available for review through myAccount. If all is well, the total will be deducted from your account...automatically. If there is a question about any monthly charges, give us a call before the due date to discuss.
  • eDraft can be set up using a checking or savings account with no transaction fees. If you desire, eDraft can be set up using a credit card. To enroll using your credit card, click here to be redirected to myAccount. Transactions fees apply when drafting from a credit card.

In the program's history, no funds have been lost or stolen. We have no access to the personal details of your bank account.

For questions about eDraft or any other Carroll Electric services, please call 1-800-432-9720 or use our contact form.