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Carroll Electric Profile

We exist to serve our members with safe, reliable, and convenient electricity at the lowest possible cost.

What is a Cooperative: Carroll Electric is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members. Originally, cooperatives served rural areas not profitable enough for investor-owned utilities.

Investor-owned: Utilities like SWEPCO, Entergy, Empire, and OG&E are owned by investors who, like all investors, expect a return on their investment.

Municipals: Some cities have their own electric systems. Generally they have the highest density of consumers and sales.

Rates: Despite having lower density, Carroll Electric’s rates are among the lowest in the state and nation.

Cooperative Benchmarking: Carroll is constantly looking to improve its performance. We compare ourselves to the other 820 electric cooperatives nationwide and stack up pretty well:

Size: Carroll is the largest cooperative in Arkansas. Nationwide we rank in the top 5% in terms of consumers, kWh sold, assets, employees, and miles of line. Consumer growth also exceeds the 5% ranking.
Financial Strength: Utilities (especially fast growing utilities like Carroll) require a lot of capital. Approximately half of the cooperative’s $472 million in assets is financed by long-term debt. The other half is supported by the cooperative’s equity. Member equity is strong and returned through lower rates and lower interest expense. Carroll Electric’s residential rates are 26% lower than the national average.

Wise Management: Carroll's board and management understand a dollar saved or spent is ultimately a dollar in or out of our members' pockets.  Comparing Carroll Electric to 820 other electric cooperatives nationwide, you can take pride knowing:
     Total controllable expenses and administrative/general expenses are lower than
         93% of this peer group;
     Customer service expense is lower than 98% of this peer group; and,
     Wholesale power costs are lower than 83% of this same group.

Keeping a careful eye on costs is another way to deliver value to our members.
Dedicated Professionals: In theory, each employee provides full service to 357 consumers (compared to a national average of 287). In reality, each employee is part of a team committed to providing the members of Carroll Electric the best service possible.
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Carroll Electric is an equal opportunity provider and employer.